1. Dead.

  2. His wisdom has no limits.

  3. You can’t get there from here - Jason

  4. You don’t say!

  5. Incomplete and in failure.

    Just like the mission of the Avatar.

  6. The Show Must Go On.

    Batman and Robin - Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely

  7. Who would win, Superman or an Atomic Bomb?

    The Dark Knight Returns 

    Book Four: The Dark Knight Falls - Frank Miller, Klaus Janson & Linn Varley

  8. Gotham Twin Towers.

    The Dark Knight Returns

    Book Two: The Dark Knight Triumphant - Frank Miller, Klaus Janson & Linn Varley.

  9. Uh-Oh. I’d Rather Be in Pittsburg.

    The Spectre, Deadman, Phantom Stranger y Swamp Thing.

    The Swamp Thing 50 - Allan Moore & Stephen Bissette

  10. A Fantstic Four alert signal! I wonder what mission they’re off on now?

    Marvels #2 - Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross